Conversations about the potentials of social connection, and how technology and crowds are changing how we communicate across media and business.

In this episode:

  • David shares examples of companies and organizations gaining a competitive advantage from communicating in real-time with social media.
  • Find out why David rejects the question of ROI in social media marketing.
  • Check out David’s observations on the biggest mistakes companies make in social media marketing.
  • Hear about David’s research on how being more socially connected and available impacts shareholder value.
  • Get the best advice around on beginning a social media policy in your company, and how to manage the three main internal social roadblocks: legal, PR, and HR.


    Real Time Marketing & PREpisode 5: Resources and Further Reading

    – “Eloqua joins the party” CEO Joe Payne’s blog post about Market2Lead acquisition.

    Real Time Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott


    Comments on: "Episode 5: “Real-Time” with David Meerman Scott (17 mins)" (1)

    1. Really enjoyed this episode. I guess I should listen to the others, too!

      Gary, I particularly like your use of the word “amplify” to describe the value of social media. I use it often to describe how Twitter amplifies blog content and how the two cross-pollinate.

      As was emphasized by all speakers on this podcast, there has to be existing content –preferably high quality content–to get value from amplification. So, companies should have a solid underlying media strategy before they jump into a social media campaign. In healthcare, where I spend most of my time now, I observe hospitals trying to establish social media programs when they have weak or non-existent content strategies. They need to ask themselves what they’re amplifying and if they don’t have a good answer, I suggest they focus on building the foundational message first.

      OTOH, for publishers with quality content, they’re missing out if they’re not taking advantage of social media amplification.

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